Ningbo Guliteli Seismic Brackets Manufacturing Co., Ltd. is a famous enterprise with first line brand, specializing in the seismic brackets in China. We are a modern enterprise specializing in seismic brackets and finished supports and hangers in mechanical and electrical engineering for the building of water, electricity, gas, wind and other pipeline equipment, and integrate research and development, optimize the design, manufacture, sales, service, construction installation and on-site installation guide. With the persistence of scientific and technological innovation, the concept of continuous improvement, technology leading and high-quality products and the best system solutions.

we build and maintain safe, beautiful, durable and high-quality projects for customers. We create value for customers and create benefits for society.

The importance of earthquake resistance:

China is one of the country having strong earthquake activities in the world, more than 1/3 of the country's land is located in high seismic intensity areas above 8 degrees, about 35% continental earthquakes above magnitude 7 has occurred in China, and China is also a country with serious earthquake disasters。 According to statistics, China accounted for 590,000 of the 1。2 million people who died in the 20th century due to earthquakes。 The economic loss caused by earthquakes amounts to tens of billions of yuan each year。 In China Earthquake Disasters reported by China Earthquake Administration, 5。12 Wenchuan Earthquake in 2008 and Yushu Earthquake in 2010 have caused a huge loss of life and property。 To reduce earthquake damages, avoid casualties, and reduce economic losses, it is necessary to construct buildings with seismic design according to relevant specification standards。 For buildings, earthquake-induced disasters include:

Destruction of tructural member, collapse of the whole structure and other direct disasters;

Secondary disasters such as fires, floods, damaged or lost construction use functions caused by destruction of non-structural member

Fire, flood, damage or loss of building use function caused by non-structural member damages.



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