Sichuan Province Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Disaster Relief and Maoxian County Landslide Disaster Relief Conference


On the morning of September 28, Sichuan Province's “8·8 […]

On the morning of September 28, Sichuan Province's “8·8” Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Relief and Earthquake Disaster Relief Conference for the “6.24” Maoshan County Landslide Disaster Relief Conference was held in Chengdu. Provincial Party Committee Secretary Wang Dongming attended the meeting and delivered a speech. Deputy secretary of the provincial party committee and governor Yin Li, chairman of the Provincial People's Political Consultative Conference Ke Zouping, deputy commander and chief of staff of the Western Theater Zhai Guiqing attended the meeting. Deputy Secretary of the Provincial Party Committee Deng Xiaogang presided over.

The conference opened in the midst of a magnificent national anthem. Yin Li read the decisions of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on commending advanced collectives and advanced individuals. Huang Jianfa, Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee and Minister of Organization Department, read out the decision of the Provincial Party Committee on commending outstanding party members and advanced party organizations. Wang Dongming and other military and local leaders presented prizes to the winners. Subsequently, the representative of the Advanced Party Organization, Ye Dangxi, secretary of the Party Branch of Shangzhai Village, Zhangzha Town, Jiuzhaigou County, advanced individual representative and Gao Haijun, leader of the Jiuzhaigou County Public Security Fire Brigade, respectively delivered speeches.

In his speech, Wang Dongming expressed warm congratulations on behalf of the provincial party committee and provincial government to the honored advanced models. He expressed his sincere gratitude to the central and national government ministries, brother provinces (autonomous regions, municipalities) and people from all walks of life both at home and abroad who strongly supported disaster relief efforts. Rescuers of the People’s Liberation Army, armed police officers, militia reservists, public security officers, medical workers, project builders, journalists, and volunteers who rescued the victims expressed their sincere gratitude and high respect.

Wang Dongming pointed out that since June of this year, our province has successively experienced Maoshan County landslide disaster and the 7.0 earthquake in Jiuzhaigou. Under the strong leadership of the Party Central Committee and the State Council, we united as one to overcome the difficult times and started emergency response in the shortest possible time. We went all out to save the lives of the people, timely and properly resettle the affected people, and took measures to restore the order in the disaster area and fought hard for disaster relief and rescue. Great relief to the rescue. In the face of sudden natural disasters, the Party Central Committee and the State Council have strong leadership and deep concern. General Secretary Xi Jinping gave important instructions at the first time. Premier Li Keqiang and other leading comrades like Liu Yunshan and Zhang Gaoli also gave instructions respectively. The State Council Working Group, the National Disaster Reduction Committee and The joint work team of the State Council Earthquake Relief Headquarters went to the scene to guide the rescue and relief work, which greatly boosted our confidence and determination to win victory over the disaster. We have always insisted on on-site command and scientific dispatch, and coordinated the dispatch of all parties involved in rescue work. The party committees and governments in disaster-affected areas led the cadres and the masses to help themselves, and the grass-roots party organizations gave full play to the role of fighting bastions, ensuring that the disaster relief work was carried out in an orderly manner. We always adhere to the people-oriented principle and the supremacy of life. We organize forces to race against time to conduct personnel search and rescue operations, spare no effort to rescue the wounded, spare no effort to evacuate tourists and migrant workers, and maximize the protection of people's lives and property. We always persisted in making overall plans and taking scientific measures to rescue disasters. We tried every means to get through the guarantees, prevent the secondary disasters from causing new losses, properly place the affected people, and restored the order of production and life in the disaster area in the shortest possible time. We always persist in condensing our efforts and mobilizing all parties. Party organizations at all levels and the broad masses of party members have come forward, and the western theater has been rushing to the rescue. The armed police, police officers, and fire brigade officers have advanced, earthquakes, geology, mining, safety supervision, and medical care. Professional rescue forces such as meteorology, hydrology, etc. rapidly invested, journalists braved the risk of launching reports in the disaster-hit areas, provincial-level enterprises and Sichuan-based central enterprises made full efforts to ensure security services, the majority of volunteers took active actions, and all sectors of the community enthusiastically donated money and donations to the disaster-affected people. With foreign tourists watching and assisting, people in Chengdu, Mianyang, Deyang, and Guangyuan spontaneously provided selfless help for major transfers, and they brought together a powerful force to overcome difficulties. The Jiuzhaigou Earthquake Earthquake Relief and Major County Landslide Disaster Relief and Disaster Relief achieved major victory. It once again demonstrated the superiority of the leadership of the Communist Party of China and the socialism system with Chinese characteristics, and focused on the comprehensive strength of disaster prevention, disaster reduction and disaster resilience and economic and social development of our province. The powerful vitality of the new system of "coordinating central guidance, taking the local area as the main body, and the participation of the masses in the quake-stricken areas" demonstrates the greatness of the people's power and the strong and lovely people of all ethnic groups in Sichuan. The masses of people are the true heroes in the fight against disasters and the real motive force for creating history. As long as we stand close to the people and rely on the people, everything depends on the people, we can unite and lead the masses to overcome any difficulties and obstacles, and constantly seize the new rule of Xingchuan. victory.

Wang Dongming emphasized that the heroic qualities of the side of the sea in the cross-border of the sea. In the fight against natural disasters and disaster relief, many advanced and advanced collective individuals have emerged. Today, they are outstanding representatives. The majority of party members and cadres and the masses in the province should follow the example of advanced models and learn their political qualities of loyalty to the party and conviction. They are courageous and difficult to overcome difficulties, and their stubborn and courageous style, their sincerity, their sincerity, and their sincere feelings for the people. The spirit of working hard day and night and giving extraordinary performance has made new and greater contributions to accelerating the construction of beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Sichuan.

Wang Dongming emphasized that hardships and hardships and Yu Yucheng became successful. The practice of combating mega natural disasters in these years has inspired us to rebuild our beautiful homeland as long as we meet the difficulties and strive for progress. We must conscientiously implement the important strategic thinking of General Secretary Xi Jinping for disaster prevention, relief, and disaster relief, unite and lead the masses in the disaster area to work hard to rebuild their homes, and ensure that the entire country is built in an all-round way to build a well-off society. It is necessary to scientifically formulate and implement post-disaster restoration and reconstruction plans, and to combine the post-disaster reconstruction with the protection of the ecological environment, the upgrading of the tourism industry, poverty alleviation, ethnic cultural heritage, and upgrading of infrastructure and public service levels, and accelerate the building of a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious new Jiuzhai. . We must fully implement the concept of green development, explore a new model of rescue, restoration and restoration of the world's natural heritage, and restore the natural ecological functions of the disaster area to the greatest extent possible. We must not relax and do a good job of the “life project” of prevention and control of geological disasters, comprehensively enhance disaster prevention and reduction capabilities in the disaster area, and effectively protect people's lives and property. It is necessary to vigorously promote the restoration and improvement of the scenic spots and industrial development, further optimize the tourism industry and functional layout, and promote the rejuvenation of industries in the disaster-stricken areas through the integration of tertiary industries. It is necessary to speed up the reconstruction of infrastructure and public services, continuously improve the conditions for the development of the disaster-stricken areas, and raise the living standards of the people. We must speed up the reconstruction of urban and rural housing, speed up the progress of housing maintenance, reinforcement, and reconstruction on the premise of ensuring quality and safety. We must strictly implement earthquake fortification and construction quality and safety standards so that affected people can enter safe houses as soon as possible. It is necessary to sum up the experience of using the post-Lushan earthquake recovery and reconstruction practices, and further innovate the institutional mechanisms to guide the people in the affected areas to rebuild their own beautiful homeland afterwards.
Wang Dongming emphasized that the "8·8" earthquake relief work in the Jiuzhaigou Earthquake and the "6.24" Maoshan County massive landslide disaster relief and relief efforts have once again proven that the spirit of the great earthquake relief is the immortal spiritual wealth of the Sichuan people through disasters and forging ahead. We must unite more closely around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as its core, fully implement the central government policy, and the deployment of the 11th Provincial Party Congress, vigorously promote the spirit of the great earthquake relief efforts, and implement the “three major development strategies” and strive hard. Promote "two leapfroggings" and always maintain a focus on development, transformation and development strategies, and unswervingly deepen reforms and expand opening up, adhere to ecological priorities and green development, resolutely win the hard work of poverty alleviation, comprehensively and thoroughly promote the rule of law, and firmly promote comprehensive compliance Managing the Party to develop in depth, to build a beautiful, prosperous and harmonious Sichuan, with the heroic spirit of “dare to overcome all difficulties and never be overwhelmed by difficulties”.

Member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Party Secretary of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, Deputy Governor of the Provincial Government, Dean of the Provincial Court, Acting Attorney of the Provincial Procuratorate, Commander of the Western War Area Air Force Comrade, Commander of the Provincial Military Command, Armed Police Sichuan Provincial Corps and Provincial Department, Central Government Responsible comrades in Sichuan, news media, financial institutions, research institutes in Chengdu, higher education institutions, state-owned enterprises, Aba Prefecture and Maoxian, Jiuzhaigou County party committees or government chief comrades, and other city (prefecture) party committees or government responsible comrades, commended Representatives, etc。, attended the meeting。

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