Anti-seismic housing to the Xinjiang Pikshan 6.5 earthquake "Umbrella"


On July 3, a 6.5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Pisha […]

On July 3, a 6。5-magnitude earthquake occurred in Pishan County, Xinjiang, and nearly 900 aftershocks occurred。 In this earthquake, Anjufu’s houses have withstood the test, and have provided umbrellas for the lives of the local folks。

On the morning of the 6th, the reporter saw in the village of Wukash Village, Pixina Township, Pishan County, where the disaster was severely affected. The earthquake-resistant housing built in the village had a significant earthquake-resistance effect in this earthquake. No house collapsed, and only some of the houses appeared. Cracks only.

It is understood that in the earthquake, 27,000 sets of renovated housing houses in Fushan County were safe and sound, and the potential damage caused by the earthquake was reduced to a minimum.

Deputy director of the Anju Fumin Office of Pishan County and Deputy Director of the Construction Bureau, Aymet Miamat, said that after preliminary investigation, the 27,000 houses in Pishan County were not affected by the earthquake and caused no casualties。

This year the 73-year old Mr. Zinar Shawati lived in the village for more than 30 years. The reporter saw in her home that the earthquake-resistant home she lived in was not affected by the earthquake. However, her son and daughter-in-law lived in the earth tiles. The mixed structure collapsed in the earthquake. Fortunately, no one was injured.

Chinar Shawti said that this time, the son really felt the benefits of earthquake-resistant housing, hoping that with the help of the government, they could live in a new house as soon as possible.

The reporter saw in the house of Tirana Mättiyi, a villager in Pixina Village, Pixina Township, that her home built in 2011 was intact。

Tilla Khan Titian said that the earthquake was caused by the earthquake-resistant housing. There were many old houses in neighboring neighborhoods that had collapsed. There were also many houses with cracks in the earth and timber structures. Experts had already come after the earthquake. Said that these houses cannot be used afterwards.

He said that his family's earthquake-resilient housing government had subsidized 28,500 yuan. At that time, when he was building an earthquake-resistant housing, he was still thinking that it was a pity to tear down the old house. It now appears that these earthquake-resistant housing are their "umbrellas". I believe that after the earthquake, there will be more folks choose to build earthquake-resistant housing.

The reporter found in the old Bazar of Pishan County, which was seriously affected, that a row of old houses collapsed. Fortunately, the villagers had all moved into the houses and houses for the elderly, and the old houses were only used for storing or captive animals. The old Bazaar street resident Aurhti Herli, said that these houses are now no one lived in. Someone else said that such a large earthquake estimated that people had long gone.

Anti-seismic housing, also known as Anjufufang, is an official livelihood project to improve the living conditions of Xinjiang residents and protect the lives and property of the people.

Ma Maidiyi Dawuti, head of the working group in the village of Wukash Village in Pishan County, Xinjiang, said that many villagers have seen the benefits of earthquake-resistant housing for everyone, and will give villagers as soon as possible in the future reconstruction work. Rebuild a new house with earthquake-resistant standards and arrange their lives.

The deputy director of the Xinjiang Seismological Bureau, Wei Xiaoli, explained at the scene of the earthquake news conference in Pishan County on the evening of the 5th that the magnitude of the earthquake was large, the source was shallow, and the number of earthquake victims was small, and the earthquake-resistant housing was the main reason. According to the requirement of seismic fortification, the earthquake damage conforms to the basic principle of “the strong earthquake will not fall, the moderate earthquakes may be repaired, and the small earthquakes are not bad”.

The epicenter of the magnitude 6.5 earthquake at Pishan was only 6 kilometers away from the county and the depth of the source was 10 kilometers. The destructive power can be imagined. However, the government-built Anju can be “strengthened” in this earthquake and there is no trace of damage. Let the public's psychological comfort, and become everyone's "protection umbrella."

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