Channel Steel

Channel Steel


Materials: Processing and production of cold-rolled zinc plate

Produced according to DIN EN 10326.

Zinc plating: Galvanized sheet, thickness of zinc layer 20μm (275g/m2)

The back strip mounting hole is easy to adjust and install.

Surface galvanizing treatment and no need to maintain a beautiful appearance.


Product Details

The rapid and effective combination of steel structures, concrete structure or other structures into various forms of support system。

Fast and convenient pipe fixing, perfect ducts and bridge supports and other process installation.

All the special accessories and C channel steel can be combined randomly and safely。

The novel axial stiffened rib design increases the bending resistance of C channel steel.

C channel steel with serrated edge is effective anti-shear, anti-slip, anti-impact, and can be perfectly connected with Yushun channel steel fittings。

C channel steel surface is engraved with auxiliary standard distance to facilitate the site processing.

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