Toothed Anchor Channels

Toothed Anchor Channels

Materials: Hot rolling process

Produced according to TBT 3329-2013

Galvanizing: Surface hot galvanizing

The thickness of zinc layer is 55μm

Flat mouth design and easy to install。

Tightly connect the concrete to ensure the safety of the channel steel system.

Channel steel is treated by passivation or hot galvanizing。

Own very strong anticorrosive performance。

Directly embedded in the concrete column

The surface of the beam or floor is not occupied。


Product Details

Provide fast fixed points for subsequent pipeline installation or other electromechanical and equipment installation.

Different embedded channel steel can be selected for different thickness of concrete cover。

Can be well matched with YuShun other bracket systems

The side stiffening rib and the back hook have lock key function, which can strengthen the grip of concrete.

It can effectively resist shock and vibration load and seal t-shaped filler bar, which can effectively prevent infiltration.

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